Our fixed stainless-steel railing offers solid safety. It is strong and stable, gives a good hold in heavy weather and fits elegantly with the boat. Many variations of height, model and thickness are possible. The freeboard of a catamaran is quite high. That is why we develop a passage with a removable ladder as an option.

For most models we have developed in-house a hardtop bimini. Our experience in composite construction offers you the chance of a stable roof above your head, with the addition of lighting and sound boxes if desired. This is also the ultimate place to add a number of large solar panels.

Being self-sufficient gives a lot of freedom: long journeys or remaining anchored independently. Increasing the number of solar panels makes a major contribution to this freedom. We place the high-quality solar panels on existing or separately adapted racks, ‘walkable’ models on the cabin roof or panels on the hardtop bimini. A great deal of independence can be gained with such a system.

For good reason the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry went to the developers of lithium ion batteries. The lithium ion technology achieves a spectacular improvement in the power management on board the boat. The lithium ion battery is efficient and has a high energy density. In cooperation with Victron, we build in the Victron lithium ion battery system. It consists of an extremely modern battery with an advanced operating and safety system; the so-called Battery Management System or BMS. The BMS controls charging and discharging, reacts immediately if certain (critical) values are exceeded and guarantees efficient energy transfer.

Topdek® is a great alternative to a (teak) wooden deck. The plus-points speak for themselves. Topdek® is low in maintenance, very durable, colourfast, waterproof, super safe, soundproofing and insulating. The possibilities are endless. From wood-effect types for inside and outside and all kinds of floor patterns, to covering edges, profiles and steps. Also widely used in bathrooms.

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